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Fire Safety Stick – 21st Century Fire Extinguishing!

The totally new FIRE EXTINGUISHER that every home, car, motorbike, boat, caravan, motorhome, tent, shed and even toolkit should have!

The Fire Safety Stick has a number of advantages over a conventional fire extinguisher:

  • Works on ALL MAJOR types of fire
  • Lasts far LONGER to fight the fire
  • SAFE & EASY to use
  • Totally non-toxic & environmentally friendly
  • FAST but secure activation
  • 10 years proven shelf life (3yr warranty)
  • No Maintenance Required

The Fire Safety Stick – fire extinguishing device, is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire in your home, vehicle, caravan or boat.
It weighs far less than a conventional fire extinguisher and can operate for much longer. And best of all, there is NO residue left behind after use.

Environmentally friendly and can safely be stored for easy access in an emergency. The Fire Safety Stick will help you to contain a fire, preventing it from becoming a threat to life or property. In fact, for enclosed fires (eg. within a caravan) you can activate the Fire Safety Stick, leave it inside to extinguish the fire, as you get out to safety.

Unlike any other conventional extinguisher it needs no servicing, refilling, checks or maintenance and has no expiry date. No danger from pressurised containers which can explode or malfunction. Store the Fire Safety Stick in an easily accessible place. Strike the activator, point the nozzle at the base of the flames to smother the fire at its core. It’s so easy a child could do it!


  • Solid Materials: Plastic, Wood, Paper, Textiles
  • Flammable Liquids: Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Paraffin
  • Flammable Gases: Methane, Propane, Butane
  • Electrical Fires: TVs, Computers, “White-Goods”
  • Cooking Oils & Fats: eg. In the kitchen – frying

The Fire Safety Stick has achieved a number of international and national certifications for use in all types of environments. Documentation can be seen here.

It is also supplied with a 3-year warranty (terms and conditions apply)

See it in action, here:

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25 second, 50 second, 100 second

  • What is the Fire Safety Stick?
    Fire Safety Stick is an innovative portable extinguishing device with remarkable extinguishing capacity, designed to aid in the suppression of incipient fires and for use as a personal protection device. It is a simple and easy way to ensure that you are prepared in the event of a fire in your home, office or vehicle. Small and lightweight, the Fire Safety Stick is environmentally friendly and can be safely stored for easy access in an emergency, preventing the fire from getting out of hand.
  • What is the Discharge Time of the Fire Safety Stick?
    There are currently three options available depending on their discharge times – 25 seconds, 50 seconds and 100 seconds. During testing have found that on average the 25 second model lasts for approximately 30 seconds or more.Just compare that to regular fire extinguishers which typically only have a fire fighting time of between 12 and 50 seconds.
  • Is the gas safe to breathe?
    Yes, the Fire Safety Stick discharge is safe to breathe and is both non-corrosive and non-toxic. So its fine around children and pets too. General safe practices are always recommended and the discharge should not be aimed at a person’s face.
  • What about the environment?
    Fire Safety Stick has no global warming potential and no ozone depletion potential.
  • Does it make a mess like traditional extinguishers?
    NO! The discharge gas form the Fire Safety Stick is totally clean and will not leave any residue. During discharge a chemical reaction does take place which occasionally expels a trace amount of soot from the casing. Even in the most extreme instance, the net total of discharge is so minuscule compared to a traditional extinguisher that it is effectively considered to be non-existent. Beyond the clean nature of the discharge, FSS is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and environmentally safe. Compare this to a typical powder or foam extinguisher which often create more damage and mess than the fire itself.
  • Is it safe to transport?
    The two components necessary for the ignition of the FSS are placed on opposite ends of the device, rendering accidental ignition during transport and storage impossible. Also, because the FSS is not pressurised at all unlike traditional extinguishers you do not need to worry about any associated risks with them. Of course we would always recommend sensible safe practices when storing them.The activation is produced by a lighter made up of two elements, situated on opposite extremes of the product. The potassium based first element is located in the upper extreme of the article; the second element is located in the inner extreme of the article and is composed of a rubbing head situated on the phosphorous based extractable plug: (i.e. the first component, a dry round area, is protected by a protection cap, and is at the top of the product; the second component, inserted as a cap in the handle is a scratchable head piece –igniter- made out of phosphorous).
  • Will it explode?
    No, the unit remains fully intact and is not pressurised at all. Only if exposed to extreme temperatures – 350 degrees Celsius (that of a fire!) would it then activate and sends out an aerosol* stream.*This is the descriptive process that an aerosol spray is created with the particles and Nitrogen gas during the activation process. The FSS is not an aerosol in the conventional sense ie a pressurised can under constant pressure controlled by a nozzle.

    The non-explosiveness of the Fire Safety Stick aerosol fire suppressant is officially recognised, value binding, and has a European validity by the Italian Ministerial Decree 04/04/1973 by Homeland Security 557/PAS.7317-XV.J.(3766) (Prevention and monitoring, possession of illegal fireworks and classified as non-exploding), in conformity with Ministerial Decree D.M. 4.4.1973 (G.U. n. 120 dated 10.5.1973) further to the advice by the Advisory Committee for Weapons Control as well as by the Prefecture in Turin, Italy.

  • Does it need servicing & does it have a shelf life?
    It’s solid construction, no moving parts, and lack of compressed gas (unlike a traditional fire extinguisher) means it will never need any service or upkeep. In addition the solid chemical that makes up the Fire Safety Stick has a theoretical non-expiry date. In current tests, the manufacturers have batch-tested FSS that were 10 years since manufacture and still completely operational.